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Words are easy to dream up and spew out. So, what’s going to make TrafficForMe different enough to deserve your trust?

Over the next few moments, we’re going to prove to you that we offer a superior traffic source for fair prices.

That’s what you’re looking for, right?

what makes us better

Landing Page Review is automatic and free to all of our customers: Our resident expert will match your offer up with one of the dozen business opportunity lists we have access to. We’ll always make sure that the clicks you order from us all come from the list most likely to respond. Our customers love that we can deliver traffic twice as fast as "solo ad" sellers. When you need traffic fast, you need us!

What makes us unique

TrafficForMe provides the cleanest traffic.  Through proprietary software, we prevent you from being charged for “dirty” clicks.  Dirty traffic consists of things like bots, fraudulent clicks powered by shady software, and other things that aren’t powered by a human.  You only pay for clicks powered by real people when you buy traffic from us.


You’ll find some pretty crazy guarantees out there from other traffic sellers. We’re so confident at TrafficForMe that we’re willing to match any of them. The reason we’re so confident lies in the most unique thing we do. We match your offer up with the list most likely to respond favorably.

While the cost-per-click with our traffic is fair and reasonable, it does vary based upon the volume of traffic you’re ordering and the market you’re targeting. The offers you find in the member's area will be perfect for the kind of offer you’re selling. The more traffic you buy, the less each click will cost you.

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What Our Customers are Saying

With over 10 years in business, we have 1000's of happy customers and millions of clicks per year delivered. Below are a few of our testimonials from 2024, if you'd like to see the more, you can scroll to the bottom and visit our facebook page - we put a couple per week up there.

Daniel P. - Win with MDC

"Ok... I'm sort of BLOWN away at what happened last night. Results I would say were GREAT! I will be doing this as a reorder. Whoever wrote the email copy of their list was pretty good for sure."

Sven J. - Solopreneur Elite

“It was a good campaign. 202 clean unique clicks turned into 84 new leads. An opt-in rate of 42%.”

Jennifer S. - Jen Smith Info 

“Just wanted to let you know that I received more opt-ins with you guys than I have anywhere else. I will definitely be using T4Me again.”

Tommy B. - Labte Commerce 

“Gracias T4Me, excellent! I did get a large number of Opt-Ins!!!!. This means new subscribers for my MMO list... Thank you!!!!”

our TEAM

TrafficForMe was founded by Harris Fellman, a 25+ year digital marketing veteran. He's recently started performing comedy and magic in his spare time, which explains the strange photo below.

Harris is joined by marketing veteran, Ross Goldberg to help us gain new customers and most importantly, share his marketing expertise with you!

Finally, we have Kate, Ali, and Shan in customer & vendor relations,  along with a few IT guys that keep the wheels on the wagon. Kate & Shan make up our “VIP Customer Service” team which enables us with nearly round-the-clock coverage to reply to your needs quickly and easily.

We're a tight, caring team - you won't find anyone else in the 'email marketing' or 'solo ads' space that cares more about your success than we do.

Harris fellman


Ross GOldberg

Chief Marketing Officer

TRAFFIC pricing

Our Pricing is all what we like to call "Clean CPC".
Clean, meaning you only pay for real humans that clicked on an email to come to your site. And CPC, you may already know, means "Cost Per Click".

Our prices range from $0.45 per click up to $0.85 per click for MMO and BizOp traffic. Pricing depends on quality, country selection, and how many clicks you're buying.

Other vertical markets, such as health, personal develpment, and investment are typically $1.00 to $1.50 per click, and vary only depending on the volume of traffic you buy.

Once you become a free member of TrafficForMe, you will have immediate access to our great daily pricing, flash sales, weekly specials, and more!  Plus: our quality help desk and free training videos.

Premium BizOp/MMO

From $59

 AFFORDABLE: As low as 59c per click...

 QUALITY: 85-100% of the visitors will be from USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, or Australia

 EASY: Give us the link, we choose the list. (The email is written & sent for you!)

 STARTS FAST: Traffic starts 24-48 hours after payment & click received

 DELIVERS FAST: Clicks complete within 2-3 days of start time

 GREAT ROI: High Opt-in Rate & Good sales conversions

Health, Forex, Self-Growth, ++

From $299

 NICHE PRICING: Vertical Markets for as low as 90c per click

 VIP: As low as 75c per click...

 TARGETED: Fresh people interested in your niche offer - this week.

 STARTS FAST: Traffic starts 24-48 hours after payment & click received

 TIMELY DELIVERY: Clicks complete within 4-5 days of start time

 GREAT ROI: Front end returns reported at -75% to 125% and more.